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More About Me

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I was born in Toronto, Canada, moved to Plymouth, Massachusetts when I was just 6 weeks old, and have lived most of my adult life in Washington, DC (the actual city - not the suburbs!).  I am a lawyer by profession but a musician and writer at  heart.  I always loved creative writing but it was not until my sophomore year in college that I realized I love writing for children in particular.  I joined a group of Brown University students who had formed a Group Independent Study Project to study children’s literature with award winning children's writer Natalie Babbitt as the group's advisor. As part of the course, I began writing The Tuddleby Trait

Over the years that followed, I continued to revisit and edit The Tuddleby Trait, seeking feedback from my children and their friends once they were old enough to read it.  I finally completed the book with the help of a wonderful editor, Kellie Hultgren, and an amazingly talented illustrator, Aliza Horowitz.  Many thanks also to Tommy Tuddleby and his friends, as the hours spent with them kept me (mostly) sane during the pandemic.   

Last but never least, I am grateful to have the support of my family so that I could make the dream of publishing The Tuddleby Trait a reality, and I am excited to now be working on a "prequel" to the book, which will reveal the backstory of The Tuddleby Trait

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